Ellen Weil


Ellen Weil is a transformative force who inspires people to realize their full potential. As a seasoned life and executive coach, she brings her insights, humor and colorful, eclectic life journey to every client encounter. She’s a co-founder of Value Mentors with her husband Gunther Weil. For over 30 years she has been helping clients with personal and professional issues, increasing emotional intelligence, and addressing relational and business challenges. Ellen’s unique approach is built on a foundation of deepening awareness and helping to increase one’s sense of well-being.

Ellen tailors her programs to help people develop a positive, productive mindset which, in turn, creates the freedom to perform at their best and succeed. People report having more synchronicity in their lives, and a greater ability to ‘go with the flow’ in dealing with the ups and downs of life. Clients also report feeling lighter, more present, grounded and empowered. They gain more mental and emotional resilience, clarity and stability. Her caring, nurturing instincts guarantee that each client is heard and receives the appropriate service that gives them the tools, understanding and motivation to lead a more fulfilling life.

Her skills in the personal development space are among the world’s most astute and insightful. In fact, Eckhart Tolle, best selling author of The Power of Now, personally invited her to teach his renowned Practice of Presence and to help others in their process of awakening to their True Nature.

This world-class level of coaching has inspired major executives to seek her services. Currently she is doing consulting work for the MIT Media Lab, working with Research Scientists on their Artificial Intelligence Initiative as well as the prestigious “Director’s Fellows Program.”

Ellen is also an artist and a sampling of her original abstract watercolor paintings are previewed below. For inquiries, contact: , Flow of the Tao Art.


“Ellen empowered me to reach deep within, first to identify, then ultimately to unlock, any barriers to personal and professional growth. Working with Ellen has made a profound and permanent impact on my life.“
Tony Karman

“Ellen has a gift and a personality that allows her to guide one through some of the most elusive and difficult territories of one’s inner life with confidence and joy. She has helped me through her process, advice and friendship to navigate and develop my spirit and my soul. She continues to be both a guide and a partner in my personal and professional growth and my path of increasing presence, happiness and peace.”
Joichi Ito
Former Director, M.I.T. Media Lab

“Ellen Weil’s perspective as a life coach and guide to personal and professional growth draws on her deep insight, curiosity and loving humanity. She understands the issues and topics of individual flourishing from a vantage point that includes the entire path of an individual and its grounding in values and the environment. Ellen’s clarity, integrity, experience and humor make it a profound joy to work with her, and have been of invaluable help in building a strong relationship to my own mission.”
Cognitive Scientist
Harvard University’s Program of Evolutionary Dynamics, Cambridge MA

“Thanks to working with Ellen, existence is no longer a weighty burden. I feel lighter and more centered, able to let go of damaging faulty principles that were instilled unconsciously by others over the years, and am starting to now feel empowered to lead, collaborate, innovate, and love from a space of heightened clarity. I gave up on many coaching and therapy systems over the years as they had little to no effect. Ellen’s intuitive understanding of the interconnectedness of all things means she is able to sift through the noise and find what healing truly needs to be done. I am eternally grateful for her presence and process and the ways it has changed my life.”
Madeline Sayet
Theater Director

“Ellen has helped me discover an inner joy, peace and emotional resilience I always aspired to have. Her intuition and transformative insights continue to guide me as I learn the importance and privilege of living in the present moment. With Ellen’s mentoring and encouragement, I now experience positive daily shifts in my emotional and mental well-being. The growth in my professional career has also been instrumental. I am now able to decipher perspectives more quickly and clearly, allowing my communication and thought leadership to be more effective. In a short period of time, the mentoring I received from Ellen helped me exceed department expectations, creating new opportunities for growth in leadership and management positions.”
Mandy Dorr
Creative Director

“In our current age of countless therapies and new age mumbo-jumbo, what a gift to have Ellen’s counsel and direction. As a life long student of inner transformation, Ellen’s clarity and love has directed me to further stabilization and sustainability of “Self” awareness. Ellen has the unique gift of cutting through deceptions, yet being playful and high-spirited. Bridging body and mind, her work has shed light on my emotional shadows, revealing an unobstructed awareness of inherent goodness. Ellen, thank you for your time, compassion and mischievous laughter. Quite simply, you are world class.”

Boulder, CO

“Over the years I have used several coaching and therapeutic modalities so I must say that by comparison my work with Ellen has moved the bar for me in a much more productive way much more quickly. She has taken great care to listen to what I have shared and then has directed our work right to the roots of what have been my greatest conflicts. The gentle yet unwavering way Ellen approaches what is most troubling has given me the necessary courage to take the work further and process it on my own which is something I never have done previously. I would encourage anyone who is considering working with Ellen to go for it, as you will be the beneficiary of tremendous personal growth.”
Carrie van Heyst

Co-Founder and CEO

Van Heyst Group Inc.

“Absolutely loved Ellen’s holistic approach to emotional health and wellbeing. She really helped me find a nurturing way of addressing my self in overwhelming situations. Her kindness and healing energy is contagious!”
Viktoria Modesta
Singer, songwriter, performance artist

“Ellen Weil is a wise, intuitive, gifted life coach. She is caring, practical and has a great sense of humor.  She has been a godsend at helping me to cut through my problems and point the way to happiness, joy & love.  She has helped me with the struggles of parenting a child with extraordinary special needs, my marriage and career; and never lets me lose track of the part of myself that is already at peace.”
Howard Levine

Physical Therapist

“Ellen’s warmth and presence have provided me with a secure and comfortable environment for self-discovery that has resulted in more peace and awareness than I ever thought possible.  Her insight and guidance continue to be invaluable to my quest for inner calm in the face of a somewhat chaotic external world.   She has helped me tremendously to appreciate and truly accept what is and what I cannot change. The most amazing thing is that Ellen and I have shared the same physical space only once after months of phone work.   The warmth and power of her presence are equal in person and over the phone.”
Ellen Rosenblum

Attorney, Entrepreneur, mother of 3

For inquiries, contact: , 303-442-3437, Flow of the Tao Art.