Our Values


Transcendence (100%)

Rising above perceived reality in order to gain wisdom in support of a transformative, planetary vision

Sharing/Listening/Trust (92%)

To actively and accurately hear and sense another’s thoughts and feelings
To express your own thoughts and feelings in a climate of mutual trust

Transformative Communication (85%)

The desire to communicate transformative insights which change the way people view the world and live

Wisdom (77%)

To seek the wisdom that stems from understanding a set of universal principles that govern all things

Presence/Being (69%)

Having the quality of Presence which evokes self knowledge and awareness in others

Integration/Wholeness (62%)

To harmonize mind, body and spirit

Design/Pattern/Order (54%)

Using systems thinking to create new patterns/structures in organizations, the arts, ideas, technology, fashion, architecture, etc.

Pioneerism/Progress (38%)

Pioneering new ideas, including technology, for societal change and making possible their realization

Personal Authority/Integrity (31%)

To command authority through your knowledge and integrity