What Our Clients Are Saying…


“Gunther’s values work and unique perspective from his decades of experience helped me gain unique insights into what to look for in others as I work with them on boards, in organizations or simply in life. I have experienced two value Values Mentoring sessions over two years and each helped me better understand myself and where I wanted to focus my energy. They also showed me that my world vision is not static, it can, and does, change and that allowed me to open up my perspective.”


Jeffrey Walker
Vice-Chairman, United Nation’s Secretary General’s Envoy for Health Finance & Malaria
Former Vice Chairman of JP Morgan Chase & Millennium Promise

I consider Gunther WeiI to be the very best when it comes to ceo’s in transition. His Value Mentors process was an eye opening experience. After two transactions with major companies I had been exposed to many coaches and then I found someone just magical and more qualified then all the rest who got to the heart of matters in record time.”



Cristina Carlino
Founder of My Archetype & Philosophy Skin Care & Cosmetics
Poet, Entrepreneur

 “Gunther’s systematic analysis and subsequent clarity around the various stages of life, and in particular explaining one’s “world view”, has magical application both in business and personally.   For me it opened new doors and frameworks that changed my life and my personal interaction as a manager, partner, friend, spouse and parent.    It is a true blessing to find someone who can go far beyond traditional coaching, counseling and/or personality analysis.   He da’ Man!”


John Megrue
CEO, Apax Partners US

“The Value Mentors process has been an amazing addition to the work that I do with my clients at Channel Family Assets.  It helps them gain a perspective around their values and worldviews which allows us to have a rich conversation around not only the meaning of money but practically, how the money flows through and to my families.  Gunther’s coaching and mentoring also supports an honest, compelling dialogue between family members, a conversation that in many cases has never been achieved before.  I have found his work to be a wonderful tool for me as an advisor to families as I assist them with the practical work of aligning their values with their investments, risk tolerance, desired returns and philanthropy.”

Darcy Garner Bhatia
Founder & Principal, Channel Family Assets

“I rely on Gunther Weil’s values-based consulting personally and for my clients. His assessment tools and coaching provide unparalleled guidance, insights and practical ideas for maximizing our personal and collective impact.”




Jennifer McCrea
Founder & President, Exponential Fundraising
Senior Research Fellow, Hauser Center, Harvard University
CEO, Business Leadership Council for a Generation Born HIV Free

“Gunther Weil’s work to assist individuals, families, philanthropists & businesses in gaining clarity around what matters most to them is truly a gift to all of us. I have been a personal beneficiary of Dr. Weil’s insights in charting my personal, family, & organizational path beyond success to significance.”



John A. Warnick, Esq.
Founder & Chairman, Purposeful Planning Institute

“‘Ive learned a tremendous amount from working with Gunther Weil. At a personal level, his coaching has transformed my priorities and the way in which I allocate my time to center on my core values and long-term goals. For my team, he has provided a process, tools, and perspective for us to come together around our shared strengths and commitments. Our work with Gunther has been pivotal in setting us along a productive path in an important new phase of our work.”


Mizuko Ito
Professor in Residence, John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Chair in Digital Media & Learning, and the Research Director of the Digital Media & Learning Hub at the University of California, Irvine

“I have sought Gunther Weil’s counsel during particularly formative moments in my company’s growth. In encouraging me to define my values and to align myself with those who share them, Gunther has given me the tools to build an innovative and agile management team that supports an inspired company culture. I consider Gunther a powerful complement to my success and an invaluable resource moving forward.”


Kelly Bush
Founder & CEO, ID, Public Relations

“Many of us work with clients where identifying their true values and worldview is critical to an outcome which is meaningful long term. The Value Mentors approach is an amazing tool to open conversations with a level of depth and insight that I have found to be unparalleled to other tools out there.”



Maryann Fernandez
Founder & President, Philanthropy Indab

“Gunther Weil’s work with As You Sow was critical to our understanding the values that have driven our non-profit over the past 20 years. His insights gave us the perspective that shaped the development of our new strategic plan and organizational structure. Through this work we came understand the core values held by staff and the board in the most fundamental way. This allowed us to align the aspirations of the group with our vision and mission. Value Mentors tools and methodologies allowed us to build a solid base rooted in our most essential beliefs and we are grateful to have had Gunther’s leadership.”

Andy Behar
CEO, As You Sow

  “I began working with Gunther Weil in 1996 during a merger of two technology companies, one of which I was the Founder and CEO. Gunther was instrumental in developing a value based approach to serve as the organizational guideline as we successfully integrated two workforces into one. This experience gave me the understanding that value driven organizations maximize the most important assets of the company – the alignment and commitment of their employees. As CEO of subsequent VC-backed companies, I have frequently contracted Gunther and Value Mentors for executive coaching, team building and value based leadership assessment. This process has produced greater productivity within my management team, allowed us to recruit and retain employees that match our corporate values, and increased our bottom line.”

Steven Bruny
CEO, Aztek Networks, Inc.

 “An essential question a leader must ask is: do my colleagues share the same core values that can lead to our organization’s success? The Van Heyst Group embarked on a quest to answer this question with the help of Gunther Weil and Value Mentors. We have been met with rewards we would have never imagined had we not undertaken it. Today we find ourselves with clients who view us as partners working on projects that mirror our core values. It has been a truly remarkable result of aligning our culture, what is important to our people and how to bring our values and vision to life.”

Carrie Van Heyst
CEO, The Van Heyst Group

 “When one is starting a new company, having the necessary building blocks is essential. The values your partners and employees bring to the firm are critical components in its success. At Veris Wealth Partners we engaged the help of Gunther Weil and Value Mentors to inventory our individual and collective organizational values. This very important work has given us insight into our firm’s core values, strengths and the aspects we need to reinforce. Based on our values audit, the organizational development and executive coaching work with Gunther has given us a common perspective and language with which to communicate with each other and our clients. Although we are a young company the alignment of our values with our day to day processes is already taking hold and bringing us amazing results.”

Patricia Farrar-Rivas
CEO, Veris Wealth Partners

  “Values are the common language of interconnection and growth. Value Mentor’s work helped my colleagues and I see parts of our culture we imagined but did not understand. They helped me see a core competence I had literally never seen let alone known how to harness. And perhaps most importantly they gave me a sense of strength that my highest values, blended with foundational values, in fact lead to higher performance and greater service to my communities of interest.”


Anders Ferguson
Partner, Veris Wealth Partners

 “While striving for the past 30 years to be a leader in the field of training and executive development, I have learned to recognize a high level of excellence, integrity and commitment. I consider Gunther Weil to be an outstanding group facilitator, consultant and coach. He continues to make significant contributions to me personally as well as to our organization.”


Robert White
Co-Founder & Chairman Extraordinary People

“Gunther Weil has been a sage advisor and creative force in the development of our company. I would highly recommend Gunther & Value Mentors as an essential element when creating, growing or maintaining a business.”



John Ramo
CEO, Digital Directions International, Inc.