Value Mentors Ally Coaching/Mentoring Programs

Value Mentors offers on-going coaching & mentoring services to clients who have taken the AVI Values Inventory.

This process includes identifying specific current challenges and problem areas as well as highlighting:

  • Your present Life Purpose (Your Priority Values)
  • Your Will (willingness) to Act (Foundation & Vision Values)
  • Your Capability to Act (necessary skills & resources)

The initial values clarification process leads naturally to our Value Mentors Coaching & Mentoring Programs in which we assist you to:

  • Set your most meaningful personal and professional objectives
  • Identify and deconstruct any limiting beliefs, assumptions and stressful mental, emotional or physiological patterns and states that prevent the realization of your objectives
  • Cultivate the generative beliefs, skills, strategies and energy required for achieving them
  • Problems solve – Identify challenging situations or relationships and create healthy means to actively move to resolution

Coaching Programs Offered (programs can be customized & blended)

Personal Coaching

Clarifying personal vision and mission, career and transition planning, enhancing emotional intelligence, improved communication and relational skills, cultivating life/work balance and resourceful mental/emotional and energetic states.

Executive Coaching

Leadership development, mission alignment, agility, accountability, teamwork, strategic planning, vision/mission/values alignment, delegation skills, employee empowerment, collaboration, & creativity/innovation.

Wellness/Well-Being Coaching

Intelligent lifestyle changes, transforming stress into vitality, personal energy management, and psycho-spiritual learning including meditation if desired.  Trouble-shooting health issues.

The Coaching Engagement

A coaching/mentoring engagement is collaboratively designed with the client and a simple written agreement is formulated that delineates the plan for how the coaching relationship will work. This agreement highlights the following areas:

  • Clarifying your most meaningful objectives
  • Setting milestones
  • Other key stakeholders impacted: managers, employees, peers, family, direct reports, etc. (if desired, their assessments of the clients progress)
  • Meeting logistics
  • Your budget & financial investment

Examples of Coaching Engagements

Short-term: three months or less

  • The focus of the engagement is to identify and address specific personal and/or professional problems or challenges that are amenable to short-term coaching interventions

Mid-term: six months or less

  • The focus is to address the client’s Capabilities (psychological, and behavioral attributes and associated strengths and challenges) that both inhibit and support the realization of their most meaningful objectives. This engagement includes identifying and learning new skills including how to access more resourceful mental/energetic states

Long-term: six to twelve months

  • Extension of the above mid-term engagement as desired or needed

Client’s Investment

Coaching engagements are on a retainer and negotiated based on the number of hours per month requested and the length of the engagement. This will generally range from 2 to 8 hours per month, which includes telephone and web-based meetings as well as work done for the client in identifying personal and professional resources.