Matt Wesley


Matt Wesley
Founder & Principal
The Wesley Group

Matthew Wesley works with successful families and their leaders to build capacities that will sustain wealth across generations.   This work involves the focused development of twelve core competencies necessary to secure the human, social and cultural capital of families that in turn forms the basis for family success over time.  By helping families upshift through specific stages of development, these skill sets become the core to sustainable well-being in families.

Matt’s background includes serving as a respected estate planning attorney for over twenty years in both Seattle and the Bay Area.  For the last fifteen years he has worked with highly successful families.  His clients have included those who have established or maintained successful family businesses and those who generated significant wealth in public companies.  His work with clients has convinced him that many family leaders often do a terrific job of preparing the money for the family, but do little or nothing to prepare the family for the money (and often their planning inadvertently sets up the very conditions that will fracture families, ruin lives and radically deplete even large fortunes).  

Based on an extensive theoretical knowledge and extensive involvement in consulting with various families, companies and organizations, he directly engages the human issues that matter most to families. 

Matt holds a J.D from Stanford Law School and and M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He lives near Seattle, Washington with his wife, Marcia. They have two grown children, Ian and Kiera.