Dec 292011

“To successfully preserve wealth, a family must form a social contract among its individual members, reflecting its shared values, and each successive generation, as a generation, must reaffirm and readopt that social compact.”

Jay Hughes
Author of Family Wealth:Keeping it in the Family


Value Mentors provides consulting services to clients and advisers who are addressing with the unique concerns of family businesses, family offices and family foundations. We help you recognize and work with critical issues, identify and integrate the family’s values into the family business and evolve effective family and family business leadership.

We assist you and your clients in building and improving their Human & Intellectual Capital for the purpose of preserving Financial Capital over generations. All three forms of capital are essential to the long-term preservation & growth of family wealth.

  • Human Capital: The values, beliefs and principles of the individual members of the family and their relationships
  • Intellectual Capital: All of the skills and knowledge of the family members

The Human and Intellectual capital of the family need to be identified and supported. We provide information, guidance and coaching on:

  • Assessment of the family member’s actual values & skills
  • In depth inquiry into the knowledge and skills that need to be developed for family leadership
  • Mentoring of family members, and professional managers of the family business to improve mutual respect, clarity of communication, and an understanding and acceptance of another person’s values